About the site

This WordPress  ‘Spilling over’ blog and story site was originally intended for the use of all of those that overspill with unexpressed thoughts, notions, rants, passions, inklings etc.
Whether those doing the spilling over were from the mother land of Sagazone  (now defunct) where the term  ‘Overspillers’  was first conceived as the name of a  popular and long running chat topic or were from the social networking site Square Pegs   http://squarepegs.uk that sprang up later.
Of course there is and always will be overspill from other areas too so the site is open inclusively to all comers so please do make yourself at home if the place appeals at all.

You can rant, you can hypothesise, you can dream, you can recriminateyou can pontificate, you can regret, you can unload  …you can in essence spill out all that is spilling over.

The blog posts are available for all to read but to be able to write your own blog posts and publish them then you must first register as a member – comments (replies to blog posts) can be made by unregistered users but are held for admin review prior to being published.

If you have any questions at all then please email us by clicking here or by using  the Contact Us link in the top menu bar.