La Boule 1935

This story by Dobra was first published on Square Pegs ( in the  public fiction section .

La plage is packed with holiday makers making the most of the cloudless sky and 30 degrees. Queues for snacks, and packed restaurants boded well for the townsfolk. Trouble was, the changing huts were busy, and some people used to be changing for fifteen minutes or more, despite the frustrated hammering on the doors! Corsets take a long time to unhook n’est pas?

Suzette was a pretty blond girl of sixteen and her younger troublesome brother, Anton only eight years old. They lived in La Boule, and Suzette decided to take little brother to the beach for a swim as it was stifling indoors. She packed two beach towels, light sandals and sun oil. Anton wanted some sandwiches, so she made some. All neatly packed in their wicker suitcase.

It was only a five minute walk to the beach, and with the sunshine, Suzette looked a picture in her pink floral dress. Anton was not looking too good in his grey flannel shorts, school socks and aertex shirt. They climbed down the steps on to the hot sand, then looked for a vacant changing hut. After looking for ten minutes, Anton spotted one where an old lady was leaving, so dived in yelling to Suzette to come vitement.

In the hut, Anton took off all his clothes, and Suzette held up his wool bathing costume for him to step into. She adjusted the shoulder straps, and he look very smart in his royale bleu number. She then slipped off her dress, and proceeded to take off the rest, with her back to Anton. Unfortunately, she dropped the top on the floor, bent over towards him, and Anton was goggled-eyed at his sister’s assets. A toute alors! There is a first time for everything, and Anton was curious……

Unfortunately for Anton, when they went back to a hut after swimming, Suzette insisted on going in first on her own. Merde! They wandered back home, only to find Suzettes boyfriend Patrick waiting at the gate. She panicked in case her parents were in, so she sent him off to wait at the corner. Anton and Suzette went inside, and found their parents dressed in their Sunday best. Maman announced they were off to enrol papa in the French Army.

They departed, so Suzanne sent Anton into the garden with his books and a bottle of squash to play. She then dashed to the front door to wave to Patrick – all clear – he could come in. They went into the sitting room and immediately kissed passionately, as though they were nearly devouring each other. No time to spare, they went upstairs to Suzanne’s room, where the kissing and feeling got even more torrid. Patrick gently lowered the girl onto her bed, and the scrambling to undress reached fever pitch. Mon Dieu, the girl is willing thought Patrick.

They became almost blind with lust as their grappling took on more and more angles of passion. Not the first time for Suzette, but certainly not the last….. Outside, the heat was sapping Anton, and began to spit with rain, so he packed up his bits and pieces and wandered into the kitchen for another drink of water. He heard giggling upstairs, so crept quietly up the stairs. The door was just ajar to her room, and what he saw made his eyes bulge with shock. My sister is doing exercises with her boyfriend on the bed.

Unfortunately Anton touched the door, which made it creak. The pair on the bed, stopped dead, and clothing replaced at high speed. Anton pushed the door open and just stood there. Patrick, while pulling his trousers up, beckoned the boy to him. He pulled a FF5 note out of his back pocket. “Pour vous Anton, you have seen nothing – with no strings attached – merci beaucoup”. The boy ran into his room and thought about the lovely sight of his sister, naked in the bathing hut. So that was what it was all about.
Wait ‘til I grow up.

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