Gone to the dogs

For what seems months and months I have read and listened to the all the claims and counter claims regarding what I now believe is the totally unnecessary referendum over whether or not we should leave the EU.
The whole issue I feel has dragged this once proud and independent country to a low point in its history.
The issue has I feel been rushed and in their haste to get it resolved I feel that the government has created a lethargic population many of whom are so fed up with the half truths and unsubstantiated facts that they will probably not bother to vote.
This I feel will result in a very close result one way or the other and it is entirely possible that it will set one side against the other.
It is a fact that the whole structure of the EU is under severe strain with behind the scenes power struggles and the ever present failure of the Euro .
If I am to be honest I really do not care whether or not we leave this fractured organisation because I am of an age when life is lived by the day – but having said that I do care about my children and grandchildren who sadly are the people who will have to clear up the mess we are intent on leaving.
When I think of all those brave souls who put their lives on the line to give this country it’s freedom from tyranny, I am convinced that had they a voice they would say “what a waste of time that was, the bloody country’s going to the dogs”.
Rant over. Have a nice day. 😊

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