The Aftermath Of A Bombshell

A few days have passed since the referendum to decide whether to stay or leave the European Union and with results which surprised everyone, including some of those who voted to leave. So whether it was tears or elation we now have to get on with our lives, probably with no significant changes in the meantime.

Everyone of course, became an ‘expert’, they were even being brought out the woodwork to support the sides but I doubt if that really worked after all, we would probably have more respect for David Beckham’s opinion on football than on the E.U. I doubt we could have been given the much needed facts of what would happen with either result, because nobody knew what the facts were, most of all the politicians. Even if we should remain, the promised reforms seem to fade into that vortex of Brussels. Also by now everyone is sick of hearing about the referendum, the whinging from parties not happy with the results. Luckily not everyone wants to sit back and lick their wounds, some who didn’t agree, have accepted the decision and will, no doubt, make every effort to make sure it does work.

Having been on, and taken part of discussions on forums, all very civilised strangely enough until the result, suddenly those who were happy with the friendly banter before the voting, appear to have become mortal enemies and the usual frustrated venom getting spouted. Regardless of how I voted, I have been interested to see the reaction of some of the voters which ranges from the partying animals to the woe, woe and thrice woe brigade. One person of the woe side, (so far I have yet to see a more woe begone dramatist) stated she is now going to put her house on the market, no idea what difference that will make at all. Perhaps just a dramatic statement.

I don’t think anyone expected everyone to take it all quietly, with such a tight voting results, about half the country wouldn’t have been happy anyway. The few areas in receipt of EU funding are worried in case that wee dripping roast dries up but I also think everyone expects the government to solve all the problems at the one time although I would hardly put their tasks on the same scale as organising a Boy Scout’s Jamboree, come to think of it, it might actually be easier than that if you have ever tried to organise one.

Thankfully there does appear to be some intellegent people in the EU (I did have my doubts) but once the dust settles and everyone has had their calming glasses of brandy, snaps, beer etc they might even be able to sit down and have a threat free, sensible discussion. It might even be that the EU realise what needs to change otherwise all they are going to be left with are the dependant member countries and no-one to support them.

Much has been made of the advertising tactics, is the leave bus with the £350m on it’s side any worse than the remain’s threat of WW3? £350m is the actual figures the contribution is based on so it is tentatively correct and is no better than any other advert to get your attention. Those new miracle face creams that says it can remove wrinkles in days yet show you a young 25 year old whom they say has been using it for years!! Can you believe a 25 year old has that many wrinkles or as a new product that she’s been using it for years. WW3 has also tentative possible but highly unlikely truths to it, not that we would be warring against our member countries but there are other more dangerous fractions which would it come to anything, then I would expect we would do what we would always do, and support the side of peace and work with the member states regardless of whether in or out of the EU.

5 thoughts on “The Aftermath Of A Bombshell

  1. Stepping into the unknown is always a thrilling or scary prospect and this journey has been both of the above depending on your outlook. Personally I think common sense will prevail albeit some time in the future and till then the powers that be should get on with the job in hand and show some leadership.

  2. It is but I feel we’ve been so dependent on the EU holding our hands, many are a bit apathetic at the thought of going it alone. I just think of what we have lost in this country over the years, I maybe a bit biased because our area has suffered a great deal and it just seems to be one blow after another. We used to have a high rate of employment now it’s a high rate of unemployment. My daughter is ok at the moment, she has a good job but many of her uni friends are unemployed. It just seems such a waste of young talent if everything has to point to Europe and not on our own doorsteps.

  3. This is my main concern. Over the 40 years we have been with the EU it has become obvious that we have lost more and more control of our own affairs, and the politicians seem to have been content to let it happen. Now suddenly they are having to get used to running the country again and all their decisions right or wrong will reflect on them and them only.

  4. I don’t know whether our government have been misleading us with the difference between legislation and directives i.e. letting us think directives (voluntary) were legislations (compulsory). However now that the vote has been cast it will be interesting to see how it unravels. I listened to a YouTube video of Prof Michael Dougan, a prof. of European Law and although he was promoting Remain, he was also explaining the law of what should/could happen. It sounds as if there will be an awful lot of people in work trying to sort it all out, for a very long time. It does also mean the cabinet and MPs will need to work for their money now LOL.

  5. I was not surprised by the collapse of the `Remain Campaigning` government. And in my opinion Cameron should walk out also and don`t turn back. When he said that he was not the right person to take us into the future, he was right. The only people to take us forward now is the leaders of the `Leave Campaign`, These are the only people that now qualify to head and lead us forward as they have the majority of the country`s interest at heart. who is my preferred person, I have not yet made up my mind on that score yet.

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