The Red, the White(s) and the Blue…

Just recently my attention, after the distraction of our own Brexit, turned to the Presidential elections in the US – now I’ve shown interest in the past but this time around it’s become an obsession in comparison.
PerhapsĀ  the presence of Donald Trump and then even more the possible eventuality of him getting the Republican candidate ticket (which has now become a reality) prompted me to observe the political circus for far longer and deeper than ever previously.

I had to educate myself a little initially to familiarise my self with the different system and jargon and electoral process, the biggest difference being the protracted nature of the whole shebang and then the almost unnatural and chromatic shock of red signifying right of centre and blue signifying left of centre politics.

From my not fully informed UK perspective Hillary Clinton appeared (to moi) to be the natural and only option for President especially after observing the antics and listening to the rhetoric of Donald Trump.. but apparently to the US electorate it wasn’t and isn’t as clear cut as my cursory appraisal

So started my in depth look at the whole situation and as to why Hillary Clinton as a career and cabinet politician seemed so unpopular (even hated) and as to why Donald Trump as a billionaire playboy boom and bust business man was even on the electoral radar.

I came to the conclusion that the generic USA populace must be suffering (but much worse) from the similar disenfranchised feeling that the generic UK populace were experiencing and expressing protest to in the UK June Brexit referendum.

I’m not comparing the two cases directly of course as being in a different state of the USA can and must feel for some like being in a different nation altogether given the geographical scale and the socio-religious, industrial and gun-toting cultural diversities involved.

I still arrived at the same outcome that Hillary Clinton is the ‘no brainer’ choice of presidential candidate but I can also see why Trump garners blind support from those same resolutely disenfranchised if sadly deluded citizens despite his sexist bigotry and his simplistic ‘we’ll justĀ  make it happen’ declarations.

Roll on Nov 8th so it’ll all be over or it’ll be the start of it all being over for the planet.


6 thoughts on “The Red, the White(s) and the Blue…

  1. Perhaps US citizens feel it’s time for a shake-up and not the same old, same old. I don’t know enough about either of them but ignoring all the slanders, which are bound to rear their ugly heads, do we know if either of them have it in them to be a good honest president!

  2. Hello Agnes…well the US citizenship does feel it’s time for change but whether that’s driven by reasoned discontent or by sheer bloody mindedness is open to debate.
    As often happens when ‘disestablishment’ appears to be made a popular alternative to the norm, the adopted revolutionary role model(s) and figure head(s) can engender a ‘messiah’ like reverence which imbues a blind loyalty and a lack of judgement in the following of the same…or so I’ve herd

    btw if you’re logged in when you comment on an article it should get published immediately (your last comment came up for approval first)

  3. Not to hot at remembering passwords Andy LOL
    Look what happened with the Scottish referendum , some folks saw sense at the last minute. If Trump gets in, he’s already stirred up a lot of racial hatred so it might even now be too late for civil unrest at a time more stability is needed. As for Sturgeon and Salmond, I class them as being from the same camp as Trump – it’s amazing the damage just one person can do to the world.

  4. My initial reaction to the final Trump–Clinton presidential bandwagons was one of disbelief that a country of so many possible candidates can end up with what are essentially two blinkered no hopers. One has probably paid his way to the top and the other one seems to have used the (what we call) old boys network. Either way come the day it will be down to the voters and there is another saying over here that goes ( there’s nowt so queer as folk) which in one form or another can be applied to the USA . As has been previously suggested it would appear that the electorate will go for the safer ? Option of Clinton but on this occasion I won’t hold my breath.

  5. Is it really that much different from the UK Terry? except on a bigger scale of course. Money speaks or should I say buys their way in. We all shout if it doesn’t go our way but honestly would any one of them take on their job. At a football match, the stadium is full of referees but there would gey few of them capable of doing the job. It’s not the candidates though, it’s the people who vote for them. A friend over in the USA thinks the same of them both as we do, yet her friend is a Trump supporter. People believe what they are told by the media so what hope is there for them!

  6. I think there are some parallels to be drawn between the USA and the UK regarding the Brexit referendum and the USA elections after allowing for the scope and scalability differences of the same.
    The people (the USA electorate) naturally fall into discrete categories (and then even possible sub categories) depending on so many factors , not least of all being the political cognisance of the individual ..though personally how anyone in the US can feel ‘undecided’ after 15 months of campaign bombardment is beyond me.
    The ‘system’ produces the candidates and the people decide which one is chosen until the system of ‘government of the people by the people’ produces another interval of choice.
    It does seem a ponderous, protracted and torturous process compared to the UK’s few weeks of pointed propaganda and relatively civilised exchange of insults and it’s easy to feel smug or even confounded or amused by it all but it’s currently a process the rest of the world watches with some valid trepidation too.

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