Here we go again. Another step backwards regarding our position about staying or leaving the EU. As someone who voted out for reasons that I considered important to me and hopefully for my children and grandchildren, I had hoped by now that a solid foundation for leaving had been laid out and that the rest of the population would have come round to the idea that brexit meant exactly that. Now from nowhere comes a small group of people who seem to me to be pontificating about how they are doing this because they believe that parliament should have a say in what happens. I have no proof of their actual intentions as to why they have thrown this spanner in the works but my gut instinct is to assume that somewhere down the line their bank balances and business dealings are what is actually driving their fervour. There has been talk of Theresa May calling a snap election if the Supreme Court agrees with the latest ruling and personally I think that may be the best way to go and get it sorted once and for all. Our standing in the world regarding our attempt to get back our freedom has no doubt become something of a joke in many parts of the world. As one of the oldest democracies in the world it saddens me to see what a mess this and previous governments have created. Hopefully it will all come to a satisfactory conclusion in the end and we as a country can get back to some normality but I fear there will be a bit of blood letting before that happens.

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  1. I understood from the judgement that Brexit will still be going ahead but parliament want a say in it. Possibly delaying article 50. If this is the case I don’t think they will be doing anyone a favour, including themselves. If parliament were to overthrow the public’s majority wish, it could cause more trouble for the country. Brexit needs to be planned without rushing into to any agreements until we know what agreements we (as the UK) would be happy with. We have trusted Theresa May with this job and I don’t think she would do anything to go against the will of the people. The interference of those bringing the case to court may only mean the country will be disrupted even more and longer. The longer it goes on, the more uncertainty there will be globally. We’ll still be paying into the EU while it all goes on.

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