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The Red, the White(s) and the Blue…

Just recently my attention, after the distraction of our own Brexit, turned to the Presidential elections in the US – now I’ve shown interest in the past but this time around it’s become an obsession in comparison.
Perhaps  the presence of Donald Trump and then even more the possible eventuality of him getting the Republican candidate ticket (which has now become a reality) prompted me to observe the political circus for far longer and deeper than ever previously.

I had to educate myself a little initially to familiarise my self with the different system and jargon and electoral process, the biggest difference being the protracted nature of the whole shebang and then the almost unnatural and chromatic shock of red signifying right of centre and blue signifying left of centre politics.

From my not fully informed UK perspective Hillary Clinton appeared (to moi) to be the natural and only option for President especially after observing the antics and listening to the rhetoric of Donald Trump.. but apparently to the US electorate it wasn’t and isn’t as clear cut as my cursory appraisal

So started my in depth look at the whole situation and as to why Hillary Clinton as a career and cabinet politician seemed so unpopular (even hated) and as to why Donald Trump as a billionaire playboy boom and bust business man was even on the electoral radar.

I came to the conclusion that the generic USA populace must be suffering (but much worse) from the similar disenfranchised feeling that the generic UK populace were experiencing and expressing protest to in the UK June Brexit referendum.

I’m not comparing the two cases directly of course as being in a different state of the USA can and must feel for some like being in a different nation altogether given the geographical scale and the socio-religious, industrial and gun-toting cultural diversities involved.

I still arrived at the same outcome that Hillary Clinton is the ‘no brainer’ choice of presidential candidate but I can also see why Trump garners blind support from those same resolutely disenfranchised if sadly deluded citizens despite his sexist bigotry and his simplistic ‘we’ll just  make it happen’ declarations.

Roll on Nov 8th so it’ll all be over or it’ll be the start of it all being over for the planet.


Letting go

In  life, there are aspects of that very life that internally we treasure and cherish deeply, there are memories we value and that make us happy and perhaps also sad in the same instant of recall – these are precious moments of reflection that warm and comfort us, give us strength and not least validate our existence when, with pride, we think of and look at family, friends and loved ones.

There are also aspects of  life that we recollect with anger, pain, confusion, fear and even self loathing – these are our demons that,  although we deny and suppress them, still rear up and visit our consciousness from time to time  or for the tragically unfortunate have never left.
When they call they can paralyse, obsess, weaken and threaten to destroy us if we allow it or cannot control it or more often we cannot forgive let alone forget.
I think it’s safe to say that most of us know or know of someone that we may consider embittered, angry at life or angry at the world or more commonly resolutely cynical.
Indeed that someone we know or know of may even be part or whole of our very self.

Any person that has lived a life has very possibly met, directly or indirectly, tragedy, misfortune, prejudice, oppression and violence and as a result has suffered emotional and spiritual damage.
So how is that damage limited, repaired or, at least, mitigated ? – that’s achieved by shedding the burden of railing against fate, by abandoning clinging to the wreckage and swimming on ….by simply letting go of what is weighing and dragging you down.
Yes, it’s easy for me to say, it may sound clinical and without due allowance for human frailty but in the final analysis it’s how we cope.

All those CMS options…

For all those burgeoning web developers out there (including moi) there’s a raft of options to be confused by and choose from when it comes to choosing an open source authoring / site building system to adopt with which to pursue, play or adopt to implement one’s loftily ambitious or confident web development purposes.

The three major players that strike most during research are:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Each one  has it’s own vibrant and active community that will give documentary support and online forum help  for their own system(s) whilst sometimes gladly pointing  out the deficiencies of their rivals – but then enthusiastic advocacy was always thus 🙂

For my part, I’ve looked at, embraced and employed all three – each is uniquely distinctive from the other in application and certainly in learning to use as a tool.
Looking at things in “out of the box” terms:

  •  WordPress presents the quickest and most easily implementable solution for producing and presenting an effective web presence.
  • Drupal presents the highest learning curve of all but ultimately because of that provides the most potential for creativity and web site capability.
  • Joomla lands somewhere in the middle of the above two and admittedly is my own favourite.

There really is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ to my mind because the user has to choose which ever suits their own capabilities, time and end purpose.

Btw this is a WordPress site just in case you were wondering 😛

Andy Brom