On we go

Last year we as a nation made the momentous decision to leave the EU and return to being a country entirely responsible for its own destiny. Did we do the right thing ? Only time will tell. Personally I think we can manage our own affairs and will once more be the country we were, a country that commanded respect and could hold its head up high among all other Nations. That said we I.E. the powers that be, now have to knuckle down and sort out the small print and get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction, and this I fear is where it could go wrong. I think the PM is an honourable person who has the countries best interests at heart and will do her best to get the right deal. However, before we can get negotiations truly under way we have to wait for the courts to deal with those who seek to disrupt proceedings and try and undo what has gone before, and even if we get a favourable outcome there, we then have to put our faith in our members of parliament and the House of Lords to give the final okay to whatever the deal is. There is no doubt it will be a rocky road with many an argument and counter argument and I can only hope the PM is up to the task. On balance it seems that the next couple of years will be a little turbulent but when you consider the ups and downs it has taken to get this country to where it is now it should be a walk in the park, and I say that with fingers firmly crossed. Happy 2017 to one and all.

The time of year

So it’s that time of year again when the thoughts of many turn to the seemingly eternal problems of getting through the Christmas season. Firstly there is the card list. Unless you are super efficient (unlike me) and keep a list of those whom you normally send cards to, there is that nagging thought that you may have missed a particular person, and i do remember getting a call from a friend asking me why i sent them two cards. Then we have the gift problem. Firstly the cost. Do you spend the smallest amount possible and hope that the recipients think it’s the thought that counts, or go a little overboard and risk embarrasing them when they realise their gift to you was a bit on the cheap side. Then there are the children. It seems that the in thing this year ‘especially among teens’ will be the latest very expensive mobile or games machine. And just to cap it all there will be for some, the family dilemma, as in where to meet up and who if any will be laying on a festive meal. Looking back at my youth, Christmas seemed such a simple affair. You got one or maybe two small useful gifts and some tasty treats in a sock, and only the immediate family got together on Boxing day usually at the grandparents for a buffet type meal and a chat and then it was all over for another year. Not being in any way religious Christmas has no meaning for me and if i am to be honest i am glad when it’s all over and commonsense returns. I know that is sounding a bit Ba-Humbug but seeing the excesses many people go to and possibly regret when the bills arrive, i am sure that if it wasn’t for the often manic advertising that seems to drive people on there would be a few more like me. Whichever way you choose to spend Christmas i wish you well and hope you enjoy the season and have a happy new year.


Reading about the latest hack to hit the banking community got me to thinking about my journey with computers etc. Having always had an enthusiasm for tinkering with gadgets – sometimes with disastrous results but thankfully nothing serious – I thought back to the dear old £99 spectrum that was my first intro into the as then almost secretive world of computing. I still remember that flush of excitement as I unpacked all the bits and pieces and got out the twenty pages of instructions (something you rarely get today) and began the task of assembly. As I recall it had a separate tape machine that you had to load things on then transfer to the main machine and there was a long slot in the back that took solid state game consoles. Since those heady days I have gradually progressed through a series of different computers and now spend most of my on line time on an I pad although I do occasionally make use of a Toshiba laptop – albeit a little past it now but still struggling gamely on. (Bit like the owner). Getting back to why I put this post up. As I said I was reading about the latest hacking and I really cannot understand why a school kid in his bedroom can cause such havoc and potentially shut down systems which have to all intents and purposes been set up by the so called experts. If it is that easy for a system to be hacked one must wonder why it cannot be that easy to prevent it, and are any of these anti this and that protection systems really as good as they say. Perhaps it could be said that maybe we have gone to far to fast in the pursuit of ever supposedly ways to make life easier and less stressful. As far as I am concerned the modern computers and the internet are a miracle of technology but at the same time could present us with a perhaps more serious problem in the not to distant future when you consider the massive amount of information you can get hold of if you are tech savvy. We are no doubt almost entirely reliant on computers for our every day needs and we can only hope that somewhere down the line someone is keeping an eye on things, especially in those areas where power and supplies and the military are concerned.