By Stealth And By Deception

“By Stealth and by Deception”. Those were the words spoken by Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament and I am now realising what was meant.

I am not an academic, I am not even interested in politics so why did the EU referendum spur me into thinking about it. Initially not really knowing whether we were better in or out, but listening to the campaigners statements, I realised something was wrong.
Unable to trade abroad was one statement, however I did at one time work in imports with a busy freight agent so I know we always did trade overseas and coped with the tariffs then. Since remaining in the EU, the company I worked for is gone, was membership of the EU the reason there was little need for the import/export agency, I wondered.
No free movement, no work etc yet as far as I could remember, people did leave the UK for a better life and settled elsewhere. I had friends who left here to work abroad then, so why couldn’t it be the same outside the EU again.
WW3 -Then the threat that it would trigger WW3, why should it, we only wanted to leave the EU and we and most of the member states are members of NATO, a peace keeping organisation. It had all the appearance of making us look like fools.

I don’t believe advertising, it’s only used to get attention to a product so I didn’t pay attention to the Leave campaign’s red bus and it’s slogan, we were told often enough what the figure was and it would be unlikely to go, as the impression of the writing on the bus said, to the NHS.

I started looking into a bit more about EU and although I came to the conclusion it really was a waste of tax payers money, I still wasn’t happy with what I didn’t know. Films of inside the EU parliament left me with more questions than answers but how to find out from an unbiased source how the parliament could possibly work efficiently considering some of the commisioners had had brushes with the law, usually involving fraud, yet here they were helping run the EU parliament.

I eventually found a book, fully referenced with sources, written by a journalist who had spent time in Brussels, so had the know-how to access documents, people etc so I started reading it. I was quite shocked to read that the EU had actually been the dream child of a British Civil Servant, Arthur Salter and his friend Jean Monnet as far back as 1920s. It took years to plan of course but the original idea was to have a United States of Europe, one government, one set of laws, rules etc and that the ultimate aim was to absorb the member countries who would relinquish their nationalities, constitutions, sovereignties etc – this was years before it started. The one thing that was agreed was it would need to be done without the people knowing what the plans were, so over the years this plan has been adopted, first of all we were told it was a common market – which the majority of people wholeheartedly approved, but that was to soft soap the people, it had never intended stopping there, it was the first step of people’s approval on the road to a United States of Europe. That has been followed up by treaties which we were not often aware of until it was too late, they were signed on our behalf.

Out of all the people who knew what was going on, Margaret Thatcher was the one to disapprove and she did more for keeping us from being swallowed up by Brussels than anyone else, who would have believed that. Other countries were showing signs of being suspicious, France, Holland and others etc voted not to sign the Lisbon treaty but it went ahead anyway, so now we see the dictatorship arising and the general public oblivious to it all.

We now know that MEPs do very little work, they are only required to sign in to get their daily allowance. They don’t have a say, they are there to rubber stamp decisions already made. The real work is done by financiers, industrialists and the lobbyists and the commission – once they decide what they want, it goes to the vote and the MEPs are given a card with yes/no on it and they are told which way to vote. It has been said that there can be as many as 450 votes in as little as 80 minutes, so no MEP would have a hope in knowing what they were voting for. A nice little earner for MPs who failed to get elected in the real world.

If you want to know more, you can read some of the pages of The Great Deception on Google