The time of year

So it’s that time of year again when the thoughts of many turn to the seemingly eternal problems of getting through the Christmas season. Firstly there is the card list. Unless you are super efficient (unlike me) and keep a list of those whom you normally send cards to, there is that nagging thought that you may have missed a particular person, and i do remember getting a call from a friend asking me why i sent them two cards. Then we have the gift problem. Firstly the cost. Do you spend the smallest amount possible and hope that the recipients think it’s the thought that counts, or go a little overboard and risk embarrasing them when they realise their gift to you was a bit on the cheap side. Then there are the children. It seems that the in thing this year ‘especially among teens’ will be the latest very expensive mobile or games machine. And just to cap it all there will be for some, the family dilemma, as in where to meet up and who if any will be laying on a festive meal. Looking back at my youth, Christmas seemed such a simple affair. You got one or maybe two small useful gifts and some tasty treats in a sock, and only the immediate family got together on Boxing day usually at the grandparents for a buffet type meal and a chat and then it was all over for another year. Not being in any way religious Christmas has no meaning for me and if i am to be honest i am glad when it’s all over and commonsense returns. I know that is sounding a bit Ba-Humbug but seeing the excesses many people go to and possibly regret when the bills arrive, i am sure that if it wasn’t for the often manic advertising that seems to drive people on there would be a few more like me. Whichever way you choose to spend Christmas i wish you well and hope you enjoy the season and have a happy new year.