On we go

Last year we as a nation made the momentous decision to leave the EU and return to being a country entirely responsible for its own destiny. Did we do the right thing ? Only time will tell. Personally I think we can manage our own affairs and will once more be the country we were, a country that commanded respect and could hold its head up high among all other Nations. That said we I.E. the powers that be, now have to knuckle down and sort out the small print and get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction, and this I fear is where it could go wrong. I think the PM is an honourable person who has the countries best interests at heart and will do her best to get the right deal. However, before we can get negotiations truly under way we have to wait for the courts to deal with those who seek to disrupt proceedings and try and undo what has gone before, and even if we get a favourable outcome there, we then have to put our faith in our members of parliament and the House of Lords to give the final okay to whatever the deal is. There is no doubt it will be a rocky road with many an argument and counter argument and I can only hope the PM is up to the task. On balance it seems that the next couple of years will be a little turbulent but when you consider the ups and downs it has taken to get this country to where it is now it should be a walk in the park, and I say that with fingers firmly crossed. Happy 2017 to one and all.