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Friends of Spilling Over Blog.

Some web sites that you may like to visit if they appeal.

  • London Tube Rambles
    A web site that outlines how using the underground transport system can help you explore the exciting and multifaceted city that London truly is.

  • Square Pegs
    The social networking web site that sprang from the original “Overspillers” forum topic on Sagazone – a private membership only adult (over 21) site that provides discussion forums (message boards), member profiles, member blogging, categorised user groups (Niches) and private messaging.
    The site is powered by Joomla

  • Silver-ZoneA  private membership based social networking web site specifically for seniors with discussion forums,member profiles, member blogs and private messaging.
    The site is powered by Drupal.

  • Loudoun Kirk
    An informational and voluntary charitable web site dedicated to the historical Loudoun Kirk located in Ayrshire.
    Web site was redesigned by one the patrons